Thursday, June 27, 2013

Books I want to read...

 Okay, first I want to say I love to write. Obviously. But writing has its drawbacks. For instance, I love to read too. But I don't get a chance to read when I'm busy writing my own work. Sure once and a while I can squeeze a book in, but usually most my time is divided between my full time "real" job, my job as a housewife, and my writing. Plus, I got to make sure I spend time with my pups, plus spend time with the family. So since I haven't figured out how to make more hours in the day yet, I currently have to put my other joys to the side. Hence, reading.
Yet, I have this terrible habit of buying books all the time. Books I want to read....just can't seem to get to. So my new book shelf is almost completely full already and my kindle list just keeps growing. I've decided I really need to do something about that. I know for a fact, I won't stop buying books so that means I have to start reading at least some of them.
Which means....I have to take a pause on my writing. I will still be working on my book with my brother-in-law, but my other stories are going to be chilling on the back burner for a bit longer. I'm okay with that. Edits are continuing on my newest YA too, so while I'm waiting on that, I'm going to take that "mini vaca" and catch up on some sun and good reads.

Here is my current list of books unread:

Book Shelf List:

Spark "#2 Elemental Series" - Brigid Kemmerer
 Wake- Amanda Hocking
The Mark of Athena "#3 The Heroes of Olympus"- Rick Riordan
The Throne of Fire "#2 Kane Chronicles" - Rick Riordan
Bitter Blood "The Morganville Vampires"- Rachel Caine
Rapture " A fallen novel"- Lauren Kate
Finale "#4 Hush, Hush Saga" - Becca Fitzpatrick
Explosive Eighteen- "A Stephanie Plum Novel"- Janet Evanovich

Kindle List:

Beside Your Heart- Mary Whitney
Flat Out Love- Jessica Park
A Cowboy for Christmas- Kristen James
Stained- Ella James
Hollowland "The Hollows"- Amanda Hocking
Death by Chocolate- Julie Anne Lindsay
Branded "Fall of Angels" - Keary Taylor
Impossible Dreams- Betty Jo Schuler
The Wrong Side of the Tracks- Mike Wells
The Soul Keepers- G.P. Ching
Existence- Abbi Glines
His Kiss- Melanie Marks
Catching Fire "#2 Hunger Games" - Suzanne Collins
MockingJay "#3 Hunger Games" - Suzzane Collins
Send- Patty Blount
Ravyn's Fall - Julie Blackstone
Virtue- A fairy Tale- Amanda Hocking
Fall for me- Melanie Marks
Demanding Ransom- Megan Squires

Purchased Last Night at a Book Fair:

A Hollywood Ending- Robyn Sisman
Mean Season- Heather Cochran
Texas Heat- Debra White Smith
Mad About Maddie- Cheryl Anne Porter
Carpool Diem- Nancy Star
Scot on the Rocks- Brenda Janowitz
Colorado Heart- Cindy Holby
Nobody Does It Better- Julie Kenner

There are so many more titles I want to buy, but I have to go through some of these first and as you can see, there's a good list going.
Have any of you read any of these books? Which was your favorite? I have no clue what I'm going to read first. But I did just finish reading two books this week:

In My Face-  Chamera Sampson
Harvest of the Heart- Julie Anne Lindsey

But of course, they were both bought this week on my kindle so that didn't put any dents in my already purchased books.
Sigh. lol.

But don't worry, I'm only taking a "mini break" from my writing, and really it's not much of a break anyway, because I will still be doing some final stuff on my book coming on soon, and my book with my brother-in-law, so I am still working.


Monday, June 24, 2013


 Just wanted to swing in and tell all of you that I officially completed my third novel today. The "zombie" book is done!! yay!! This was about 10 months of my life, so it's sort of bitter sweet.  I am on to formatting it and ordering myself up the final draft. More to come shortly. Once I verify the cover comes in clear, I will post it all for you with a book description. Looking forward to showing you my character "cast" too for the main characters of this book.

Once this book is released, I will be jumping back and forth between three more novels. One is another ya paranormal, another is a ya romance and finally, a book I am co-authoring with my brother-in-law which will be my first Adult Fiction book.

Looking forward to seeing what the rest of the year brings. Don't forget Book 2 of the Emerson Fox Series: Full Moon On The Rise will be out this year too! Probably sometime in fall!!


Saturday, June 22, 2013

Update time

 So I know I haven't been on here in a bit, but for starters I was trying to revamp the blog pages for all of you. I hope you like the changes and it makes it easier for all you to stay updated with my work. For those of you awaiting my next release, I am working very hard on it. I am on the last chapter. I have a lot of things going on in my life that has halted my writing these past few months, but each day I have been trying to write at least a page. Sometimes I'm lucky and get 2,000 words down, most of the time I only get 300-500 words. Pathetic, right? At least that's how I felt, until I accepted the fact at least I am writing and there's no reason to rush it. I want to be fully content with my work and I want you all to enjoy it. If I rush it, and don't connect to my writing and my characters, it's really not fair to any of you.

 Good news, I have most likely picked/designed my cover for my upcoming zombie book. I'm just waiting to make sure it's exactly what I want before I share it with all of you. This book will be self-published after much debate with myself, but it's because I wrote this for my best friend and I wanted to give this to her for her 30th birthday. Sometimes with publishing companies, authors have to wait so long for their book to be released and with this book, I did not want to do that. Plus originally this book was only estimated to be a long novella, and most publishing companies are not looking for that. I will say though, that this book is now a full-length ya novel. And I estimate it to be about the same length of The Shifted once I finish this last chapter.

(That is probably another very valid reason I have yet to finish this book like I intended. Because this book has progressed into much more than just a quick, fun "zombie story.")

As for any updates on my second book in the Emerson Fox Series, I don't really have one at this time. I think we are shooting for a fall release, so once I get the date I will let you know. I can't wait to see what cover they come up for Full Moon On The Rise. There is a new cover artist working with the company, and I am curious to see the work. Though Patricia Lazarus who did my cover for The Shifted was excellent I might add. She worked with me, and took my suggestions, and came up with a great cover in my opinion. I love the wolf eyes. This time, I am hoping to do something a little different though but just as suspenseful looking. We shall see :)

The print version of The Shifted is coming out shortly. They are working on formatting it as we speak. Hopefully by end of next month? There was a couple grammar/spelling errors missed, we do apologize, and the issue is being fixed immediately and will be updated in the e-book and before the print version is issued. For those that read The Shifted already, I hope the errors didn't distract you to much. I hope you were still able to enjoy the story and fall in love with my characters.

Well, for now that's all there is to update. I am going to try to use this free time I have right now to work on wrapping up my zombie story. I hope you can understand :)
Take care guys.


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A little redecorating...

 Revamping the Blog page...
 Bear with me.

 Talk to you all soon :)

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

This weekend I attended a fundraiser for a little boy with cancer. To help raise funds my husband and I donated a brand new "Ruff Tuff Kennels" dog crate and two autographed Ranger jerseys and an autographed Knicks jersey for their silent auction. I was also able to set up a table with my books, and offered off a $15 dollar gift certificate to Barnes & Noble and a free ecopy of my YA book, The Shifted, too.

Here's a pic of me.

And a pic of me with a future reader (my youngest nephew!)

 It was a beautiful day but it super windy so I had to get creative and find ways to hold down my books and book swag. (And I really should have remembered to apply the sunscreen BEFORE I got sunburnt)  But overall it was a great time and I got to meet some really nice people. I just wish it was for different circumstances :(
       [God bless that little boy and his family]

For some happy news I just found out The Shifted is currently in the hands of the format person so that means it should be coming to print shortly. I CAN NOT wait. And edits for my second book will be beginning soon as well. More updates on that when I have them.


P.S. ALL my kid books are now being offered on Amazon at a discounted price.