Friday, May 24, 2013

Just an update

Hey everyone! It's been a bit of time, First I want to say my prayers go out to the families in Oklahoma. The devastation from that tornado is heartbreaking to see and hear about. Truly, my heart goes out to you all.

Second, I want to let everyone know that my nephew has finally made a decision for the charity I will donate some of the proceeds to from my fifth children's book.

He chose.... MARCH OF DIMES!
I think that is an excellent charity to support. And if you would like to help me raise some extra funds for them, you can pick up my book today at a DISCOUNTED price (37 % off list price) on Amazon.

Click here if you are interested.
(Also, two other of my kids books are being offered at a discounted price. See below for information)

Greyson Breyer And The Ugly Tree (Supports Arbor Day Foundation)
 Click here for 44% off list price.

Home Is Where Your Heart Is (Supports East Coast Paws N Claws Rescue and Popcorn Park Zoo)
Click here for 48 % off list price

As for my other kid books, they are still currently list price. But if your interested in checking them out here are the links for those two too.

The Girl Whose Heart Was Too Big (Supports Associated Humane Societies)
Click here

Welcome Back, Jack. (Inspired by true events, supports East Coast Paws N Claws Rescue)
Click here

And while I am listing my kids books, I figure I'll post a link for my YA paranormal book that is currently available below too.

 The Shifted is book one in my debut young adult series. If you haven't checked it out, I encourage you to read the free sample given on Amazon. It is currently still only available in ebook format, but I just received word from my publisher and The Shifted will be coming to print soon. (I can't wait!) Hopefully that will make it easier for some teenagers to read, I know not all of you have ereaders. Adults too.
Book two in the series is currently written, in contract and about to start the editing process. I can't wait to update you with a cover, a release date, and anymore exciting information about this book. The second installment is definitely my favorite so far.
Click here to read a free sample, check out the awesome reviews it's getting or even better to purchase a copy on your ereader.

For any of you that's wondering about the process of my zombie book... it is ALMOST done! I only have two more chapters to write, and I'm very anxious to finish it. However it seems time and responsibilities have been keeping me away from my computer these past two weeks. But I assure you once I finish, I will let you know (and I'll probably be doing a lame, off-beat happy dance)
This book has been one of my hardest books to write, and the longest book to write, so I will be especially happy to finish it. But also this book was written by the request of my best friend and for my best friend so that makes it extra special to me to finish it. It's for her. She HATES reading (I know, crazy right?) So when she asked me to write her something SHE WOULD read, I jumped right on it. I love reading, so naturally I wanted my best friend to understand the thrill of it. Only thing is my best friend loves a genre I'm not crazy about. HORROR. (Eek! The nightmares!) SO I KNEW, the ONLY way I could get her to read something was if it was horror-based. But my book is more than just a zombie-style book, it's also a love story and a story of friendship. And so far, my best friend LOVES the teasers I send her and keeps begging me for more!! (Which makes me smile )  I can't wait finish so I can see how she likes the WHOLE book....hopefully you all love it too!!

Well that's all for now, I'll check back in later.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Fifth Children's book release

 Today I self-published my fifth children's book, It's Okay To Be Different.


This is a book about a young boy and a few animals that have food allergies. It helps introduce allergies to younger children who may not understand them or have them. It also helps those children who do have them see that having allergies doesn't change who they are one bit.

This book means a lot to me. My first born nephew suffers from horrible allergies but you would never know it. He is the sweetest, most fun, hyper kid I know. But that doesn't change the fact he still has to watch everything he touches and eats. He takes meds and must avoid so many things he loves because it can make him very sick.
Last month my brother-in-law contacted me with a request from my nephew. He wanted me to write a children's book about a boy with allergies. The original story he asked me to write never actually got written. I was 3/4 of the way through it when the computer froze and I lost everything. (That will teach me for not saving things as I go.)
I tried rewriting it a couple times but it wasn't working for me. I wasn't happy with it. I wanted a story that could really help children understand about allergies and help them understand Nicolas is no different from them.
That's when I came up with this story.
I tried to think of those animals that are known for what they eat.  Monkey to bananas... rabbit to carrots...mice to cheese... and decided to use them in the story as well.
I contacted my best  friend and asked her to give me some different, fun names for each of these animals I wanted to write about. So she did (She's great like that) and I came up with the rest.
Then next thing I know, the pages were just filling up with exactly the message I wanted to teach children.
I am so happy I got this opportunity to write a story for my nephew, and  story for all those children out there like my nephew. My sister is actually going to give/read this book to my nephew's kindergarten class to help children understand what children like him are going through.

All my children's stories are written with two purposes: 1) To send a great, influential message to children & 2) To help benefit a charity. Usually I pick the charity for each book, but since this story was inspired by my nephew and requested by my nephew, I am going to let him choose where I donated some of the proceeds.
I will let you all know as soon as he has made his decision.


Thursday, May 2, 2013

Stay confident

Welp, the hiking trip has been postponed this weekend.Thanks to some unforeseen circumstances we will have to reschedule for another time. I am both relieved and disappointed. I will sadly admit that I am relieved because I am no where ready to actually go on a three day hike with 30 lbs on my back for 30 plus miles. I was hoping I could, I was training to, but the reality is I'm just not strong enough yet. In fact, I hurt my leg and my knee trying to push myself to be able to. (Moral of the story, don't push yourself too hard. Know your body limits. But keep training.)
My injury is nothing new, it's actually an old injury resurfacing. I was afraid of that. My injuries however is not what changed the hiking date.

I am disappointed, but I am disappointed in myself. After all this hard work, I was giving up even before I tried. Mentally I was telling myself I couldn't do it when at the end of last week I realized I was just not physical ready. After that it was like I was talking myself out of it every chance I got. I hate that about me. My insecurity and my fear get in the way of me doing a lot of wonderful things. And that was kind of the point of this training/trip. I wanted to prove to myself that I CAN do something like this. That our bodies are capable of so much. I wanted to see how strong I can be as a person but emotionally, physically and mentally. And I failed at it.
At least this time I did.
But I won't stop. I will keep training. Keep trying. If it isn't this time, it could be next time. And this will give me more time to build muscle and endurance.
I just have to beat my "mind sludge" that pollutes my confidence. That I think will be my biggest and hardest work.

Hopefully one day I can...
Until then I won't let myself give up. I will just take it easier and work harder at the same time. I will not just throw such heavy weight on my back and hike, I will gradually keep building up.

I can do this.
I just have to convince the rest of me. lol.

So obviously my training has been slacking this week do to my mental defeat and my injuries... but also my dog happened to get sick this week so I've been spending my time taking care of him and being with him. (That is one good reason this weekend we aren't going, I get to take care of him)

But though physically I've been lazier than norm, I have been writing more again. I didn't really realize how much time training was taking up, until this week of "no training"

So I just finished a draft for my fifth children's book that will be published next week and made some progress on my zombie book. I can't wait until this zombie book is done. I'm in the final chapters and its the hardest ones to write, but the most eager ones you WANT to write. So it's kind of frustrating. But slowly but surely I am getting there and I CAN NOT wait for the chance to share it will all of you.

Well, "that's all folks"
I got some writing to do :)

"Stay confident!"