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The Girl Whose Heart Was Too Big 

5 out of 5 stars on Amazon

"Excellent Book with amazing original artwork. It is clear the author loves dogs and respects traditional riches such as love, happiness, sharing, and concern for all fellow creatures. A Must Read for young and young-at-heart, alike." Amazon Review

 Little Amber Ellens is too small for her age and has a heart three times too big for its size. She is poor and doesn't have much, but it doesn't stop her from sharing whatever she has and helping others whenever she can. Kids her age make fun of her for her rags and lack of toys until they learn the truth about her. Her acts of kindness may just touch the lives of those around her after all and teach them not to judge people for what they don't have, but to judge them for the heart they do have.

** Fifty percent of the royalties from the sale of this book
 will be donated to the Associated Humane Societies**

                                          AVAILABLE NOW Paperback copy only.


 Home Is Where Your Heart Is
  5 out of 5 stars on Amazon

"Very sweet message for kids and grown ups alike!! Great for classroom reading also, something every teacher would appreciate and love" Amazon review

Phil is a black bear who is unhappy living in his cave. He thinks it is cold, dark and dreary. So one day he up and leaves, in attempt to find himself the perfect home. One that is warm, bright and beautiful. Along the way Phil finds more than he is looking for, and the thing he disliked the most might end up being the best thing ever.

**A percentage of the proceeds made on this book will be donated to East Coast Paws N Claws Rescue & Associated Humane Societies **

AVAILABLE NOW Paperback and Amazon Kindle

      Welcome Back, Jack

The day the Freelys made the decision to give away their dog Jack was the saddest day of their lives. But it wasn’t like they had a choice, their newborn son was allergic to dogs and they couldn’t see any other option. But they made sure they gave him away to a kind family, one that would provide Jack the life he deserved. The life they thought they could no longer give him. But Jack did not want a different family. He wanted his family and he was determined to be reunited with them again, only he had to find his way home first.

 **A percentage of the proceeds made on this book 
will be donated to East Coast Paws N Claws Rescue. **

                                             AVAILABLE NOW Paperback copy only

Greyson Breyer   And The Ugly Tree

There was this tree in front of the Breyer house that was very old, very rotted and mostly dead. And it didn't matter how great Mr. and Mrs. Breyer made the house look on the outside, all the neighbors still commented on how ugly that tree was. Mr. and Mrs. Breyer hated that tree. It was an eyesore. But their son, Greyson Breyer loved it.

** Percentage of proceeds made on this book will be donated to Arbor Day Foundation **


                                      AVAILABLE NOW  Paperback and Amazon Kindle.

It's Okay To Be Different

5 out of 5 Stars on Amazon

"It was a very cute book about children with allergies, especially when they sometimes feel like an outcast. We enjoyed it!" Amazon Review

This is a book about a young boy and a few animals that have food allergies. It helps introduce allergies to younger children who may not understand them or have them. It also helps those children who do have them see that having allergies doesn't change who they are one bit.

** Percentage of proceeds made on this book will be donated to March of Dimes.**

                                           AVAILABLE NOW Paperback and Amazon Kindle.

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