Friday, October 9, 2015

Three Year Anniversary

Hey everyone! Today marks the three year anniversary of my first self-published book. "The Girl Whose Heart Was Too Big." This book is still by far one of my favorite stories.  

When you write a book people always seem to ask you in some form of way if the book is successful. I"m not really sure why that even matters. Truth is, you wrote a book, therefore it's already successful. You accomplished something that you put a lot of work into. Finishing a book is not easy.
If your story touches someone's heart, makes them smile or makes them cry good tears, than in my opinion, your book is successful.
It's not about how many people buy your book. It's about the connection you make with people who do buy your book.
At least, that's my opinion. When I write I try to create stories that will give more than just a story line to people. I want my stories to give lessons, and share smiles. I want to connect with each reader I have.
Success will be measured by this. If you can connect to even just one reader, you have accomplished something.
Success this way, eventually will pay off the other way. Sometimes quickly. Sometimes it could take years.
For all my fellow writers... I ask you to not judge your books by sales. Even if you are a #1 best seller or only sold one of your books so far. Just be proud of yourself no matter what. YOU are successful. You are following your dreams, and that journey is never easy. 

The reviews I have received on my first book have been so touching and inspiring. I thank everyone who has taken the time to share their opinion with me. I love hearing your thoughts. Your kind words have made me smile so much over the last three years.

To date, I think my favorite moment with this book had to be back in February of 2013 when I was asked to guest read at an elementary school for a third grade class during author week. Here I am that day:
I'm not great a public speaking and I have the worst stage fright. (Though this wasn't on a stage, it was still me standing in front of a classroom.) To say the least, I was terrified to do this reading. I was so afraid I was going to mess up, the kids were going to hate it, that I would trip and fall over my clumsy feet and become the laughing stock of the entire school. Trust me, I had a lot of discouraging thoughts racing through my head.
The teacher, however, encouraged me to do this and I am so happy I did. It only took two minutes for me to calm down. The kids were awesome and made me feel so welcome. And after I read them my story, they had so many questions about writing that I didn't even feel like I was standing in the front of the room by myself anymore.
Maybe one day I will have the opportunity to do this again.

If you haven't had the chance to read my book, click the link below. You can check out a sample of it on Amazon.

The Girl Whose Heart Was Too Big

Here is just one review- This is one really meant a lot to me.

5.0 out of 5 stars Sometimes the Simplest Books are the Best BooksAugust 14, 2014

By Kevin Gerard on August 14, 2014
Format: Paperback
After reading only a few pages of "The Girl Whose Heart Was Too Big," Shel Silverstein's classic book "The Giving Tree" popped into my mind. Carlisle's girl captures the same innocence and sincerity of the tree in Silverstein's book. Amber Ellens is completely untouched by the ugly competitiveness of our world, and freely gives anything she has away, or shares it someone who has less. The rest of the children don't understand and react accordingly, but Amber's BIG heart won't be dissuaded. She just keeps giving and sharing. It is a charming tale that will touch readers of any age.

I write fantasy novels for kids - sometimes 600 pages long - and Carlisle's book is as compelling as any with ten times the page count.

Award winning middle grade fantasy author Kevin Gerard

Thank you Kevin Gerard. And thank you again to any one that has purchased my book and taken the time to review it.