Dead Friends Walking

Dead Friends Walking
4 out of 5 stars on Amazon
Published by Tell-Tale Publishing Group LLC

"...the story gripped me from the beginning and didn't let go." Amazon Review


Dee Forester and Melissa Frink have been searching for their friend, Spencer Reign, since he apparently ran away from home six months ago. They’ve checked every place they’ve ever hung out, but he just disappeared overnight. 

Just as they fear they might as well give up, they receive a phone call from him out of nowhere. He’s panicked. He’s desperate. And he’s begging them to come get him. 

The problem is the connection is not very clear and they only get part of his address before they are disconnected. Taking what they know, they enter the street into the GPS and take off on a rescue mission. Soon they find it’s a lot more dangerous than they thought. Stumbling into a town full of what they can only refer to as “zombies” they must ask themselves if risking their lives is worth trying to save Spencer’s, a friend who ditched them without even saying goodbye.

       AVAILABLE NOW in both Ebook and Paperback!!!

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