Friday, May 24, 2013

Just an update

Hey everyone! It's been a bit of time, First I want to say my prayers go out to the families in Oklahoma. The devastation from that tornado is heartbreaking to see and hear about. Truly, my heart goes out to you all.

Second, I want to let everyone know that my nephew has finally made a decision for the charity I will donate some of the proceeds to from my fifth children's book.

He chose.... MARCH OF DIMES!
I think that is an excellent charity to support. And if you would like to help me raise some extra funds for them, you can pick up my book today at a DISCOUNTED price (37 % off list price) on Amazon.

Click here if you are interested.
(Also, two other of my kids books are being offered at a discounted price. See below for information)

Greyson Breyer And The Ugly Tree (Supports Arbor Day Foundation)
 Click here for 44% off list price.

Home Is Where Your Heart Is (Supports East Coast Paws N Claws Rescue and Popcorn Park Zoo)
Click here for 48 % off list price

As for my other kid books, they are still currently list price. But if your interested in checking them out here are the links for those two too.

The Girl Whose Heart Was Too Big (Supports Associated Humane Societies)
Click here

Welcome Back, Jack. (Inspired by true events, supports East Coast Paws N Claws Rescue)
Click here

And while I am listing my kids books, I figure I'll post a link for my YA paranormal book that is currently available below too.

 The Shifted is book one in my debut young adult series. If you haven't checked it out, I encourage you to read the free sample given on Amazon. It is currently still only available in ebook format, but I just received word from my publisher and The Shifted will be coming to print soon. (I can't wait!) Hopefully that will make it easier for some teenagers to read, I know not all of you have ereaders. Adults too.
Book two in the series is currently written, in contract and about to start the editing process. I can't wait to update you with a cover, a release date, and anymore exciting information about this book. The second installment is definitely my favorite so far.
Click here to read a free sample, check out the awesome reviews it's getting or even better to purchase a copy on your ereader.

For any of you that's wondering about the process of my zombie book... it is ALMOST done! I only have two more chapters to write, and I'm very anxious to finish it. However it seems time and responsibilities have been keeping me away from my computer these past two weeks. But I assure you once I finish, I will let you know (and I'll probably be doing a lame, off-beat happy dance)
This book has been one of my hardest books to write, and the longest book to write, so I will be especially happy to finish it. But also this book was written by the request of my best friend and for my best friend so that makes it extra special to me to finish it. It's for her. She HATES reading (I know, crazy right?) So when she asked me to write her something SHE WOULD read, I jumped right on it. I love reading, so naturally I wanted my best friend to understand the thrill of it. Only thing is my best friend loves a genre I'm not crazy about. HORROR. (Eek! The nightmares!) SO I KNEW, the ONLY way I could get her to read something was if it was horror-based. But my book is more than just a zombie-style book, it's also a love story and a story of friendship. And so far, my best friend LOVES the teasers I send her and keeps begging me for more!! (Which makes me smile )  I can't wait finish so I can see how she likes the WHOLE book....hopefully you all love it too!!

Well that's all for now, I'll check back in later.

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