Saturday, May 4, 2013

Fifth Children's book release

 Today I self-published my fifth children's book, It's Okay To Be Different.


This is a book about a young boy and a few animals that have food allergies. It helps introduce allergies to younger children who may not understand them or have them. It also helps those children who do have them see that having allergies doesn't change who they are one bit.

This book means a lot to me. My first born nephew suffers from horrible allergies but you would never know it. He is the sweetest, most fun, hyper kid I know. But that doesn't change the fact he still has to watch everything he touches and eats. He takes meds and must avoid so many things he loves because it can make him very sick.
Last month my brother-in-law contacted me with a request from my nephew. He wanted me to write a children's book about a boy with allergies. The original story he asked me to write never actually got written. I was 3/4 of the way through it when the computer froze and I lost everything. (That will teach me for not saving things as I go.)
I tried rewriting it a couple times but it wasn't working for me. I wasn't happy with it. I wanted a story that could really help children understand about allergies and help them understand Nicolas is no different from them.
That's when I came up with this story.
I tried to think of those animals that are known for what they eat.  Monkey to bananas... rabbit to carrots...mice to cheese... and decided to use them in the story as well.
I contacted my best  friend and asked her to give me some different, fun names for each of these animals I wanted to write about. So she did (She's great like that) and I came up with the rest.
Then next thing I know, the pages were just filling up with exactly the message I wanted to teach children.
I am so happy I got this opportunity to write a story for my nephew, and  story for all those children out there like my nephew. My sister is actually going to give/read this book to my nephew's kindergarten class to help children understand what children like him are going through.

All my children's stories are written with two purposes: 1) To send a great, influential message to children & 2) To help benefit a charity. Usually I pick the charity for each book, but since this story was inspired by my nephew and requested by my nephew, I am going to let him choose where I donated some of the proceeds.
I will let you all know as soon as he has made his decision.


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