Saturday, April 20, 2013

Just a quick week wrap up.

First and foremost, God bless all the people and their families affected by the Boston bombings. I wish you speedy recoveries and/or peace in your heart if you lost someone. My prayers are sent to you all.

Secondly, I am sorry I haven't been posting this week. I've been busy working at my 9-5 job, busy writing and App Trail training. I've made some great progress on my new book I'm working on. I hope I can keep with the word flow... in fact I think I might go sit a little bit at Barnes & Noble today, get a latte and spend at least a hour or two on trying to wrap up this zombie book. I am excited about it, I hope you all love it to. There is a lot of meaning behind this book but more on that when the book is actually finished and available for sale :)
Also this week, I received my preview copy to my next children's book. Yup, that's right I got another kid's book coming out next week most likely. I'll give you a hint, I'm aiming for Arbor day release because the Arbor Day Foundation is my charity of choice for this book. So I guess you can figure out that my next kid's book is about a tree. (I'm a big nature fanatic, so it makes sense.)

As for my App training... it's hard work. I'm exhausted. I'm still not 100 percent positive I can do this...and my knees are hurting everyday, but I will keep training.  At least I am getting pretty fit! And I have more endurance every day. Which I love!

Oh and in case you missed my quest blog over on Author Elizabeth Alsobrook's website last week you can check it out HERE
It offers you ten fun, influential, and interesting facts about how I came up with my YA novel, THE SHIFTED. Plus gives Author Elizabeth Alsobrook's 5 star review :)
I hope you  read it, and if you have any questions send me a comment or email me at




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