Monday, August 26, 2013


From August 26th through September 6th, I'm participating in the Best of Summer 2013 Kid Lit Giveaway Hop hosted by Mother Daughter Book Reviews and Youth Literature Reviews.

Best of Summer 2013 Kid Lit Giveaway Hop

 I'll be giving away TWO prizes to TWO winners :

FIRST place winner will receive the following since my YA novel, THE SHIFTED, is still not available on paperback.
 A $15 dollar Gift Card to Barnes & Noble, PLUS an owl necklace.

Barnes & Noble Green Gift Card 

About my YA book The Shifted:

[The Shifted is available for purchase wherever ebooks are sold. It was published by Tell-Tale Publishing LLC Dec. 2012. It is a paranormal young adult book about shape shifters. It is good for all ages, mostly 14 and up.  It is the first book in the Emerson Fox series. Book #2 will be published this fall.]
 Kale Rollins' life has become a living nightmare. As if it wasn't awkward enough being an adopted normal kid in a family of purebred shape shifters, he was now being transferred to a new school made solely for their kind. And it gets worse. He must attend this school under the pretense that he too is a shape shifter, in order to "babysit" his fourteen year old brother who has suddenly shifted a year earlier than expected.
However, with the new found knowledge that shape shifting families are mysteriously disappearing, Kale wonders if attending Emerson Fox Academy is actually as safe as it seems. Before he even reaches the school, he finds himself in the middle of a feud that could become life-threatening to him and his brother.Unexpectedly friendships are formed as he chooses a side - So are enemies.
There is one girl though through it all that makes him want to stay. Except the closer he gets to Lavallette Waters, the harder it is to keep up his facade.
As secrets start to unravel around him, Kale wonders what will happen next...
Will "babysitting" his brother be the death of him? Can he really trust Lavallette? And how much more time do they have before someone they care about disappears?

You can read more about it and/or read an insert HERE

Besides writing young adult fiction, I also write kid books. Therefore, the SECOND place winner will receive the following:

An Autographed copy of my children's book, HOME IS WHERE YOUR HEART IS, PLUS an owl necklace.

 [All my kid books are self-published and a percentage of the proceeds get donated to charity. The charity for HOME IS WHERE YOUR HEART IS is Associated Humane Society.  This book is available in both paperback and kindle. It teaches a good message to kids, and is recommended for grades 3 and up.
 For more information on all my kid books, click HERE ]

Phil is a black bear who is unhappy living in his cave. He thinks it is cold, dark and reary. So one day he up and leaves, in attempt to find himself the perfect home. One that is warm, bright and beautiful. Along the way Phil finds more than he is looking for, and the thing he disliked the most might end up being the best thing ever.


$15 B&N Gift Card and necklace to First Place winner of the Giveaway

Open to US only.
An autographed copy of Home Is Where Your Heart Is and necklace to Second Place winner of the giveaway.
Open to US only.
Drawing for the Giveaway will be held on September 6,

and the winners will be announced on September 7.

To be eligible to enter the Giveaway, you must "Follow" this site then enter with this FORM. One entry per person please. Friend me on Facebook, Follow me on Twitter and/or Friend me on Goodreads for an extra chances to win. Leave a comment and your URL and I'll follow you back!

GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!! And if you are new to my blog, WELCOME!

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  1. Thanks for the chance to win! Your books look interesting.

  2. Thanks so much for the chances to win. I love the owl necklace. Your books sound very good.

  3. Thanks for being part of the giveaway hop! I want to invite you to participate in Booknificent Thursday, my all-things book-related link-up party every Thursday at anytime you have a chance! We’d love to have you join our little reading community!

  4. Very excited about the hop.. the gifts are gorgeous.. and love to win.. This hop has been one of the funnest to see what each may offer .. thank you.

    erikalrhodes at gmail dot com

  5. Wow crazy cool gifts.. hop has been so cool with all the different things... crossing fingers !! Thank you for sharing.

    vals_hemi at yahoo dot com

  6. It's time like these when I wished I lived in America

  7. Great prizes! Thanks for joining us in the Hop. I'm in Canada so can't enter but I'm happy to tweet about it! :)

  8. Thank you for the chance to win your fabulous prizes. Love your blog and your books.