Sunday, June 1, 2014

Why I've been M.I.A, blog updates and summer specials.

***Got a moment, check out all the changes and updates I made to the blog today.***

 I know that I have been M.I.A lately. To all my readers who follow me, I apologize for kind of doing a disappearing act since the end of last year. It wasn't completely intentional, though a writing break was much needed. At first, I thought I just wanted a timeout for the holidays, but then my time off kept expanding.
I needed to have two medical procedures done in the past 6 months, and it was kind of an eye opener for me. I realized writing was good for my soul and my mind, but terrible for my health. Perhaps this doesn't happen to you, but when I am writing, I am so wrapped up in my fantasy world that I don't even remember to drink water half the time. And I would write hours upon hours, not exactly a good thing for someone with low blood sugar condition.
Anyway, so my obsessive focus that usually landed on writing, was quickly switched to my diet and my fitness.
I have been actively getting myself back into shape, and I'm confident that I'm on the right track now that I can trust myself to balance my health and my writing. And all my other time constraints. (Full time work, family, etc)

Another reason I haven't been posting, has to do with mental and emotional stress that sadly comes with being in the writing business also. Sometimes you can roll it off your shoulders, other times things make you sit back and rethink why you are doing what you do. I guess with my health under par and the holiday stress, I finally hit that point where I was tired of brushing things off and truly considering "quitting."
But there is a saying, "Once a writer, always a writer..."and no matter how many times I told myself to just "stop" I could never shut off the stories in my head. And that was enough to prove to me that I need to continue with my writing. For myself. And of course, for all of you readers out there. Those of you that read and love my books, your faith in me has reassured me that despite all the stress, writing is still worth it. And I can't just leave you hanging. Not when you love my characters just as much as I do.
Their stories need to be told.

And last, the other major reason I have hardly touched my computer besides a few days here and there is because the hubby and I are putting the house up for sale. And for anyone that has sold their house, they should completely understand my lack of free time.  Home renovations, packing, excessive cleaning... between my longer work hours at my full time job, and our new puppy (well he's 5 months now) and the joys of relocating, time is swallowed up quickly and my days have a "Ground hog day" effect now.

But FINALLY, my to do list isn't longer than I can handle, my mind set is almost completely back to "full stream ahead" and  I'm in better active shape then I've been in a long time.  So though, I may have disappointed some of you from being away (I am truly sorry for that) I will admit I am happy I took such a long break.
It helped me learn  a lot of things.
And it helped me remember why I wanted to write in the first place.
For the love of it.
That's all that truly matters.
I love it.

So what does that mean exactly? Will I be going on a publishing frenzy? Will you see all the sequels by the end of this year?
To answer, I don't know. I'm not pushing myself over my limits again. I'm keeping my writing "fun and enjoyable."
It could take me 30 days to write my next novel or a year. Or more. I won't know until I start writing.
Once I know, trust me, I will let you know.
Until then, I will keep up with my blog posts.  I will offer some giveaways. I will post some discounted rates on my previously published works.

This blog was about the journey of an author. About my journey. Some journeys are easy. Some are harder. But we don't know where the road ends up, just the direction it leads. I just know the journey doesn't stop here. I won't let it. But sometimes when your tired, you just need to stop and sit for awhile. That's what I did.
Consider it - I had to take  a detour.
It happens.
At least it does in my journey.
But I didn't quit, nor will I.

I can't wait to share more stories with you.

Thanks for following me and for your patience. You are all awesome!



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  1. Great Post! Glad You're Back!

  2. thank you Tim!!! It feels great to be writing again!